The OUTpsiDER believes in freedom, freedom of thought, speech and action. But if that thought, speech or action causes harm, pain or even death to others then there is no question of freedom for the perps of such actions.

The OUTpsiDER believes in Music, music speaks a langauge all of its own and crosses boundries, hatreds and fueds. People should listen more.

You will always find some music here to soothe or moove ya, to push a soul into another sphere, or even outta here.

Download for free, pass it around, remix it, post it up somewhere, send us a link, give me feedback and I will give you more. Files are 56k .wma for those of us who still use the slow-lane.

Play the music while you are travelling in the fast lane though.

  • "He Does It, Then You Do It, Then He Does It (pog-rom)" A fact of life, someone has to break the cycle of violence, sit down and have a chat, work it out, before there is nothing left and all is lost...
  • "Iceman Coming,(surfin' bass)". Can you get your walkman on a plank and catch a tube, if so this is the tune for the green room.