Past / Australia

The best way to get around this huge country is to use one of these.
Ours was a twin carbie, 1977 pop-top with room for four. Her name was Holly and she went like a dream. We slept up top and Arki had a bed made up in the back over the engine compartment, cosy as... The dogs slept on the seats in the front.

We traveled up and down, left and right, from Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide to Perth, Albany to Darwin to Alice to Cairns to Port Douglas to Brisbane. Everywhere in between and places not on the maps. Spiritually awakening and beautiful to boot. Everyone should see it.

Australia is a great place to heal the soul, even if you find that in places the very soul of Australia is in need of some healing. Many Communities living in outback Australia are doing it hard and many have a long way to go before the healing can start. Sorry is the first step.

The Nullabor Plain is a pretty desolate place. This is near the end as you get close to Norseman, a town with even less to offer than the Nullabor itself.

A lunar Eclipse, taken in July 1999 close to Katherine, NT.

I went to Bosnia to make a difference and I find in Australia the same problems but without the bombs and bullets. Here it is more a question of tolerance and ignorance. We non-indigenous peoples stole the land for our own use, performed our own version of Ethnic Cleansing and still practice it by stealth today. Yes it is a blood red land, and it hides the truth well...